Influx of Haitian migrants pushing locals out of housing in Colombia beach town

COLOMBIA: An influx of thousands where mostly Haitian migrants are present seeking transport northward toward the United States is pushing locals out of housing in Colombia beach town of Neccoli as said by the residents and the landlords favor migrant who are able to pay in dollars.

On Thursday, U.N.agencies called on countries not to expel Haitians without evaluating their needs and to offer protective measures to legally remain after the United States expelled some 4,000 Haitians in recent weeks.

As said by Necocli’s procurator Wilfredo Menco “Around 100 homes have been taken from local renters to give them to Haitians and around 50 commercial locals also have been taken or contracts have been ended to rent to Haitians”. Francisco Mejia’s family who rents to migrants for $6 per person says, “It has all the basic requirements, electricity, water, they have a kitchen where they can make their food, which is really different to ours, and they have a bathroom”. Even commercial properties are being repurposed.

Many migrants low on cash are sleeping in tents or on the town’s beach whereas others are able to rest rooms by the day or share houses. This leaded to push out dozens of permanent residents. Renting to migrants is advantages for locals specially amid the Colombian peso’s 11% depreciation this year.

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