President Kovind addresses the nation on Gandhi Jayanti eve

NEW DELHI: As India celebrates the 152nd birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, the President of India addressed the nation on Gandhi Jayanti’s eve. President Ramnath Kovind started his statement by saying, “I pay tribute to him (Gandhi Ji) on behalf of a grateful nation.”

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The Indian President urged the fellow citizens to remember the sacrifices and take inspiration from the freedom fighter to work for the prosperity and development of the country. “Gandhiji believed that non-violence is a philosophy, a principle and an experience which can be made the basis for the betterment of the society,” President Kovind said.

He remembered how the Father of our nation is known throughout the world for the role he played in the non-violence movement and his birthday being celebrated as a non-violence day. He also pointed out the efforts of Gandhiji in exterminating the social evil practices in our society such as untouchability and improving the conditions of the weaker sections of society.

The communique also included a request from President Kovind asking fellow Indians to “take a pledge that we will continue to strive for making India a country of his dreams while adhering to his teachings, ideals and values”.

A week ahead of Gandhi Jayanti, while the PM was on his three day trip to the US, PM Modi and US President also remembered Gandhiji. US President talking about Gandhiji said, “We’re all reminded that his message of non-violence, respect, tolerance, matters today maybe more than ever”. PM Modi addressing the statement of Biden added, “Gandhi Ji spoke about trusteeship, a concept which is very important for our planet in the times to come”.

A day before, Gandhi Jayanti PM Modi launched Swachh Bharat Mission 2.0 and addressed it. India celebrated 152nd Gandhi Jayanti today, and there is no doubt that we are indebted to the Father of our Nation and the sacrifices he made for the country’s sake.

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