The historical centre in Sind: Ruins of Mohenjo Daro

The excavated remains in Mohenjo Daro belong to the last city, which had been built on ancient cities, suspected generally to be lower than the
water level. Failure to read the characters of the seals and inextensiveness of excavation continue to fortify the sealed character of its ancient inhabitants and their civilization.

All the streets were laid south to north. Nothing is more welcome to an Indian city than the south wind. The city had necessarily grown most towards the south. Lanes are free from a general deviating or serpentine character. Homes were two-storeyed and the staircases lead not to the lower story hut to outside. This feature is not unknown in the houses in the hills.

Proximity of the dwellings points to a very crowded city. Mohenjo Daro was a city of bricks, fire burnt and sun-burnt. It had probably stressed more on drainage then any other ancient city. Evidence of underground drains were found everywhere. They were large and high and provided with manholes. The vastness of the drainage surely reflects the greatness of the structures, now very much lost to view.

The objects found in the remain mainly consisted of jewelleries, potteries, figures (human and animal) and toys. The seals have on them inscribed characters of a conventionalised form of pictograph writing, which have not yet been deciphered. Most of them were of steatite and of square size. The more common animal is difficult to be identified. It had features both equine and bovine, with one horn only.The extensive array of research on Mohenjo Daro and its structures all point to the fact that it was a very well-planned city.

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