McDonald’s targets net zero emissions by 2050 from meat to energy

NEW YORK: On Monday, McDonald’s Corp set a new target to cut global greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 from the beef in it’s burger to the light bulbs in its restaurants.

As said by Jenny McColloch, director of the sustainable development of McDonald’s in a meeting, “We are trying to send a signal to our parents, to our investors, to our suppliers, to other brands in the global community, to policy makers, that we share this vision for 2050.” Around the world by 2030,it aims to reduce absolute emissions by about a third for both it’s suppliers and it’s nearly 40,000 company-run and franchise restaurants.

Direct sources of McDonald’s net zero targets by 2050 includes emissions from direct sources such as corporate offices and restaurants and indirect sources, particularly those from franchise restaurants and suppliers of goods and services.

Therefore, McDonald’s is one of the biggest buyers of beef in the world. Nearly 80% of it’s total emissions come from it’s supply chain particularly from it’s use of chicken, beef, diary and other proteins. Moreover, “Beef is a great opportunity to help make an impact in the world with our partner farmers and ranchers” said, McColloch.

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