Philippine’s President Rodrigo Duterte announces retirement from politics

Rodrigo Duterte said that Filipinos had expressed their unhappiness to his Vice-presidential run through surveys. It is a new era, and Duterte believes that he is paving the way for the next generation. 

He said the overwhelming sentiment of the Filipino is that I am not qualified, and it would be a violation of the construction. ‘  Due to which, he has decided to quit politics. 

President Duterte is known for his unorthodox politics and his ruthless anti-drug crackdown. Filipinos have also alleged that he is a human rights calamity in Asian democracy. 

Philippines Presidentship is for six years, and the opposition was unhappy with President Duterte’s file for vice-president. The reason being, if he pursued the post and won, it would lead him back to Presidentship. 

Sara Duterte is currently the mayor of Davao, the third-largest city in the Philippines. The party has supported her and has also topped the independent surveys for who should lead the nation. 

President Duterte has been under the eyes of the Human Rights group and the Western governments for his crackdown and killing of 6000 suspects for illegal drugs cases. He has not cooperated with the International Criminal Court to investigate the massacre and has not allowed the ICC investigator to enter the country as well. 

Time will tell who takes over as the next President of the Philippines so that the country can move towards a better tomorrow.

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