After Sneha Dubey, India slams Pakistan again at UNGA

NEW YORK: While exercising its Right to Reply at United Nations General Assembly first committee meeting, India slammed Pakistan. The Indian diplomat used his chance to reply to Pakistan’s speech and gave it a befitting reply highlighting how Pakistan is an “epicentre of Terrorism“.

At the first committee, UNGA, New York, the world top diplomats gathered and talked about disarmament policies. During Pakistan’s speech at the first committee meeting, Pakistan raised the topic of Jammu and Kashmir. While addressing the committee, the Pakistani diplomat Munir Akram said, “India promotes state-sponsored terrorism“.

He stated that India is “imposing a genocidal solution on people of Kashmir“, and its actions are against the security council regulations.The Indian diplomat, A Amarnath, our representative to the first committee at UNGA, gave an apt response while using its Right to Reply.

Amarnath used the opportunity to underline that Jammu and Kashmir is “an integral part of India.” He said, “Pakistan should stop futile and insubstantial allegations against India including in relation to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh“.

The entire territory of Jammu and Kashmir was, is and will always be an integral and inalienable part of India” ,he added. Later on, Amarnath moves to how Pakistan has “hosted, funded and actively supported terrorists” in the past. He asked the first committee at UNGA, “how can anyone expect any constructive contribution from Pakistan to the committee that deals with important matters of international peace and security.” Amarnath requested the committee to take Pakistan accountable for whatever it has done in the past and “not let them abuse UN platforms.”

At last, he drew a parallel between the two states stating how India “abides by international treaties” while Pakistan has a “proven track record of illicit export of nuclear weapons and technology.” Amarnath also pointed to the glorifying of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden as martyrs by Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan. The Indian diplomat at UNGA asked Pakistan to immediately vacate all areas of Jammu and Kashmir under its illegal occupation and reflect upon their compulsive obsession with India.

The General Assembly Hall, United Nations

The first committee where the diplomat voices their opinion is a platform of the United Nations General Assembly that deals with disarmament and other challenges that can cause a threat to world security and peace. Keeping in mind how the UN has always put disarmament as its foremost goal since its formation, the first committee is one of the main divisions of the United Nations. The committee meeting takes place in October every year.

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