Bollywood, fans and Congress leader stands in support for ‘Aryan Khan’ son of Shahrukh Khan in drug case

MUMBAI: On Saturday evening superstar Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan (23) was arrested by anti-drugs agency Narcotics Control Bureau for illegal drugs consumption in a cruise party. Mumbai court later denied bail to Aryan Khan on October 4. The alleged rave party was taking place on a cruise ship off the Mumbai coast.

Amidst Shahrukh Khan and his son facing trolling and defame, people from Bollywood and fans have come to support King Khan. Pooja Bhatt, Sussane Khan, singer Mika Singh, Filmmaker Hansal Mehta and congress leader MP Shashi Tharoor came in support for Aryan Khan.

Congress Leader MP Shashi Tharoor called all of this as witch-hunting and urged people not to rub 23 years old face in it and also added I am not a drugs supporter.

Singer Mika Singh from Bollywood also supported King Khan and made a taunt to NCB that he wished he could be in the party as only Aryan Khan has been arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau not any other in such a crowded cruise party.

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta tweeted in support of Shahrukh Khan that “it is painful for a parent having to deal with a child getting into yrouble. It gets compounded when people begin to arrive at judgements before the law takes it’s course” and stated that he supports SRK.

Earlier Salman Khan had visited ‘Mannat’ (house of Shahrukh Khan) in support of Shahrukh Khan.

Sussanne Khan also backed Aryan in response to article by Shobhaa De “I think this is not about Aryan Khan he was unfortunately at wrong place at wrong time. Situation is being made an example to drive home excitement that some people get they have a witch-hunt on people from Bollywood sad and unfair as he is a good kid I stand by Gauri and Shahrukh”.

Actor Sunil Shetty said to media Aryan Khan is just a child and deserves a ‘breather’ till the real picture comes out.

Shahrukh Khan’s fans extended their support to the actor and his family after the arrest of Aryan Khan. The fans gathered outside the actor’s house Mannat in Mumbai and echoed the message “take care king” fans and Bollywood believes it’s a clear case of conspiracy against King Khan.

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