California port where spill occurred had numerous ships waiting to unload

LOS ANGELES: In California this weekend, ships in record numbers have jammed the port complex where according to port data as investigators look into whether a ship’s anchor could have hit a pipeline to cause the leak.

According to the Marine Exchange of Southern California, on Tuesday morning there were total 63 container ships in San Pedro Bay waiting to unload at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. On September 19,a COVID-era record 97 ships were backed up. Over the weekend, more than 3000 barrels of oil leaked into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern California killing wildlife, damaging sensitive environmental areas and closing beaches.

As said by Louttit of the vessel backup “All ships were anchored where they were supposed to be”. An anchor strike is a plausible explanation , said two former Amplify employees who asked not to be named. They noted that anchor strikes have dented or scratched offshore pipelines before. About every three years metal devices called “smart pigs” are run through the pipeline to check for anomalies. The last such test was conducted in 2019 where Amplify Energy CEO Martyn Willsher said at a news conference on Monday.

Therefore, the spill closed numerous beaches and has killed wildlife in Orange County, south of Los Angeles. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer on Monday said a separate investigation is being conducted to determine the cause, and that Amplify could face civil and criminal liability.

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