Changing trends of human communication in last three decades

Momentous changes are sweeping across the world. One of those changes is in the form of human communication. Some drastic and revolutionary changes have come in the field of human communication. It is because of the emergence of new technologies. This success is an inherent part of the development of science in the 20th century. The relentless effort of scientists has enabled us to bring about some phenomenal changes in society and human behavior.

Three decades ago, there were landline phones which were the prime source of conversation among the people. Now landline phones are hardly used. It is the era of smartphones. A small piece of an electronic device has become the instrument of social change. People can talk to each other, listen to music, read news, blogs, play video games, watch live cricket matches, and give feedback. They were unable to do these things during the days of Radio.

Undoubtedly Internet is the most significant invention of this century. All the news, information of the nook and corner of the world reach the people within few minutes. It has made our lives much easier than it was before. Today everything is available on the internet. Everyone can search and have access to it. Through the internet, online payment has become possible, for which the financial sector has shown rapid improvement in digitization. Earlier, people used to pay through the bank, money order, which has become obsolete today. Through the internet, one can search for any information, including educational programs. Online classes have become possible through which millions of students have attended classes even during the Corona crisis. In this context, the internet proved to be immensely beneficial. Throughout the world, the internet is the most popular form of communication.

Messages are sent via mobile phones. Postcards or inland letters are no longer in use now. One cannot afford so much time in waiting for the messages to come through the post. Virtual meetings, video conferencing are other predominant forms of communication these days. No longer it is necessary for officials, businessmen to assemble at one place for deciding on an urgent matter. It saves time as well as money. The necessary feedback can be given through virtual meetings and video conferencing also. The honorable Prime Minister and Chief Ministers of different states are also inaugurating various new projects in the online mode only. Even the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is giving orders by virtual hearing. Email is another important form of communication. It is an important platform for the official transmission of important messages as well as important official documents. It is now not necessary to send letters through posts, to obtain information from any subordinate office or any other establishment, and wait for days to convey any message or receive the same.

The GPS network helped to connect to the world in a much easier way. It helped soldiers communicate with each other and their bases and is contributing a lot to the military navigational system. Now GPS consists of 24 major satellites, each orbiting the earth every 12 hours. This ensures that every point on the globe will always be in contact with Radio with at least four satellites. Due to GPS, our security preparedness has been strengthened. Today our vehicles, flights, computers, almost everything is equipped with GPS.

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram have diminished verbal communication. Verbal communication has decreased enormously in the last three decades. Due to so many social media platforms, one can connect, interact with friends and peers at any time and anywhere without wasting much time travelling. Texting has also increased significantly. More than 70% of people use smartphones to text. Research says, about 4.1 billion text messages are sent per day in the United States. People find texting much easier than talking.

The world is indeed changing, technology has spread its glory to every nook and corner of the world making communication a much better and easier process today. But we must not forget the fact that humans have created the technology, technology has not created humans. And technology can never replace human emotions.

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