Current state of ‘gun laws’ in United States

An 18-year old student drew a gun, shot two people, and injured two people during a classroom fight at the Texas high school. Police have identified the suspect as Timothy George Simpkins. According to the police chief, it was not a random act of violence but a planned gun shootout. 

This is not the first time the US has seen a student carrying arms at school. One of the deadliest shootings took place in 2018 when a lone gunman killed 14 students and three educators in Parkland, Florida, to which the US was left in shock. 

Gun ownership in the US is legal and written in the country’s Constitution, with few exceptions for criminals. Gun ownership is a right in the US, but different states have different laws to buy arms. 

In 1968, when President John. F. Kennedy was assassinated, the Congress passed the Gun Control Act to keep arms out of the reach of those not legally entitled to carry a gun. Many measures have been taken, which include tracking the person possessing a gun illegally and gun trafficking. 

In 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to do a background check of customers buying a firearm and making sure they do not have a criminal history. But unfortunately, nothing has changed. The 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting took the lives of 59 people. 

According to Pew Research Centre, around 30% of Americans carry a firearm, and 11% live with someone who possesses a gun. The majority of people believe there should be a strict gun law. 

President Joe Biden has said that gun violence is an epidemic. He has called for a strict gun control law, but action is yet to be taken. The data since 2013 of gunfire in school grounds is horrifying—approximately 747 incidents of gunfire in school premises with 248 deaths and 502 injuries. 

The question of why teens are carrying guns in school and being violent is because of the no-gun policy. Students are exposed to gun violence. They have witnessed and experienced shootings at home, community, etc. 

Children are susceptible to drugs, violence, crime, and substance abuse, leading to anxiety, PTSD, and the inability to control emotions. More than 256,000 students have been exposed to gun violence since 2013.

The numbers keep on increasing, while the figures do not include college shootouts, suicides. Perhaps it is high time to bring a law that not only prohibits carrying a gun in a school or public places but makes the country more secure from mass shootings.

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