Wandering dog is Istanbul commuter’s best friend

ISTANBUL: Between Europe and Asia in a packed Istanbul passenger ferry, all eyes turn to one commuter enjoying the view from his window.

A street dog named Boji, has become a regular sight on ferries, buses and metro trains in Europe’s largest city. A devoted commuter, the dog enjoys long journeys on public transport upto 30 kilometres on a regular week day.

As said by Aylin Erol, from Metro Istanbul “We noticed a dog using our metros and trains and he knows where to go. He knows where to go out.” “It’s like he has a purpose.” He enjoys travelling on the middle part of subway carriage, or in Turkish it’s called boji hence the name which officials gave him. Data collected from his tracking device shows historic tram lines are Boji’s favorite but he is also a frequent subway commuter. Also, said by Erol that the dog respects public transport rules and waits for disembarking passengers before hopping on the train.

“You take the train and, suddenly, you see Boji.And look at him. He lies, just like this. You just smile and catch the moment, really. This is whar Boji evokes for Istanbulites.He also reminds us that we can still enjoy Istanbul as we rush about. ” Therefore, Boji has brought color into the lives of 1.3 million commuters of the metropolis. Istanbulites post pictures of Boji on social media, and his own accounts have more than 50,000 followers.

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