AI is incapable of thinking creatively

Everything Artificial Intelligence performs now with its counterpart (robots, the internet, and chatbots) is coded into the machine, which means it can’t seem to think on its own or even have a consciousness outside of the code.

It is a true restriction to what AI could do because it can’t break from pre-programmed instructions or develop its own strategy, i.e., it can’t be creative.

You might be thinking to yourself but machine learning is unique because it can offer the best possible method to optimise a system or perform a task.

This is due to the fact that AI is a derived technology. It can’t seem to think of a circumstance on its own; you must provide it with one. However, it does not rule out the possibility of technology learning to be innovative in the near future.

Imagine handing a small sheet of paper to an AI proficient of machine learning, along with a paper and a pen, and expecting it to draw something. It is unable to produce anything because it would be unable to decide what to draw or write.

Provide it a sketch of what you want it to reproduce, and it will be capable to do so in greater detail because of the fine movement. It is where machine learning enters in, and it can figure out how to improve it by comparing it to other relevant sections.

If you put a person before an AI then expect it to understand what they’re thinking through body language or speech, it probably wouldn’t be able to follow up.

Emotional intelligence has shown that humans are capable of doing it spontaneously. For the time being, AI does not have emotions.

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Because we don’t have to devote as much time investigating or seeking for information on the internet, AI has provided us much more time to be creative.

And we’re not just talking about drawing. More creative in company strategy, creative in gift-giving for special occasions, innovative in style and what we would like, innovative in marketing methods, and the list just goes on.

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