India reports 19,740 new Covid-19 cases, with daily infections down 7% from yesterday

NEW DELHI: The number of people infected with the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the country has dropped below 20,000, according to the Union ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW), which reported on Saturday that 19,740 people had tested positive for the virus. This is a decrease of little more than 7% from yesterday when the daily case count was 21,257.

The total number of Covid-19 infections was 33,935,309 after this recent increase, according to data.

In addition, according to Saturday’s data, 23,070 additional patients were discharged after recuperating, bringing the total number of such instances to 33,248,291, with a 97.98 percent recovery rate. According to a statement from the Union health ministry, the recovery rate is at its highest since March of last year. The number of people who died as a result of the virus increased to 450,375 after 248 additional people died. Deaths account for 1.33 percent of the total number of cases.

Meanwhile, the number of active patients fell to 236,643, a decrease of 3578 cases, according to the bulletin. According to the health ministry, this is their lowest total in 206 days, and their contribution to the national figure, at 0.70 percent, is the lowest since March last year.

The current daily positivity rate was 1.56 percent, while the weekly positivity rate was 1.62 percent, according to the ministry. This is the 40th and 106th consecutive days that these have been below the 3% barrier, respectively.

In terms of immunisation, India’s cumulative vaccination coverage has surpassed 940 million, with 939,915,323 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine administered since the statewide inoculation push began on January 16. On October 8, a total of 7,912,202 dosages were given out.

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