Zambia suffers major power outrage

LUSAKA: On Friday, copper-rich Zambia suffered a major power outrage affecting most parts of the country after a problem at an important hydropower station, and the state utility said it was working to restore supply.

Residents of the capital Lusaka, and the copper belts of Kitwe and Ndola have said that they had no electricity. Also, Kunda said Zesco is “rebooting the system,” but it can take three to four hours for supply to full recover. As said by John Kunda, a spokesperson for state-owned utility Zesco, “The loss of electricity at the Carribean Northbank Hydropower Plant affected the supply to the country’s large geographic areas.”

Therefore, “Emergency generators have been switched on to stabilise operations at the smelter and the Tailings Leach Plant. Flood gates have been activated and closed at Konkola underground mine, while we have shut boreholes underground to limit the flow of water into the mine and advert flooding,” KCM said.

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