Russian plane carrying parachutists crashes, 16 killed

MOSCOW: On Sunday, a plane carrying a group of parachute jumpers crashed in the Russian region of Tatarstan, killing 16 people and injuring six, the Emergency Ministry said.

As per local health ministry, the six survivors were being hospitalised. Also, Tatarstan head Rustam Minnikhanov was travelling to the scene of the crash, a statement on his website mentions.

The ministry on its Telegram channel said that the L-410 plane carrying 22 people crashed around 9:23 AM local time during a flight over the republic of Tartarstan. Six people were rescued, 16 were taken out without signs of life. The plane was Let L-410 Turbolet, which is a twin -engine short-range transport aircraft. Russian aviation safety standards have improved in recent years.

According to Interfax, the plane belonged to the Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Aviation and Navy of Russia, which describes itself as a sports and defence organisation. Therefore, the head of the organisation’s regional branch said the parachuting club that organised the flight was not to blame.

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