Launch of space reforms in India by Prime Minister Modi

NEW DELHI: The Indian Space Association was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday virtually. While addressing the meet, PM stated “Our approach to space reforms is based on four pillars- freedom to the private sector in innovation, the role of government as an enabler, to make youth future-ready, and see the space sector as a resource for the progress of common man.”

He also expressed the new mantra of exponential innovation and that it can be realized only when the government plays the role of an enabler. Adding to it, he invited the private sector to join hands with ISRO- the nodal space agency, to encourage innovations and startups in the field of space. He also voiced that” today’s government is sharing its expertise and providing launch pads for the private sector.”

Praising India’s holistic capability in the space sector, PM Modi trumpeted that India’s competency in launch vehicles, satellites, and interplanetary exploration. To strengthen the brand value of efficiency and affordability, he assured that the government will support the industry, young innovators, and startups.

Emphasizing the importance of space technology, PM Modi said that “the space sector is a medium for the development of the common people and aims to provide better mapping and imaging and connectivity.”

In the end, he commemorated the women scientists of the MOM – Mission Mangalyaan, who were celebrated for their achievements throughout the country, as it was also the International Day of the Girl Child. 

The Director-General of the Indian Space Association will be Mr. AK Bhatt, who is a retired Lieutenant General. “Bhumandal se brahmaand tak” is the tagline of the association, meaning “from Earth to the Universe”.

The founding members of the association are the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Larson and Toubro, Bharti Airtel, Nelco (Tata Group), OurWeb, Walchandnagar Industries, Ananth Technology Limited, and Mapmyindia.

The Indian Space Association envisions PM Modi’s Self-reliant India in the field of space technology.

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