Qatar Petroleum changes name to Qatar Energy signalling new strategy

DOHA: On Monday, Qatar Petroleum changes it’s name to Qatar Energy to better signal a new strategy that focuses on energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly technology such as capturing and storing carbon dioxide, as said by its chief executive.

Qatar is the world’s largest supplier of liquefied natural gas and also aims to expand it’s production to 127 million tonnes annually by 2027 from 77 million tonnes. The Qatari minister of state for energy, Al-Kaabi said the state-owned firm wanted to be more efficient in it’s own energy use.

As mentioned by the CEO, Saad Al-Kaabi , “It’s more of a reflection of what we’re actually doing that wasn’t reflected by the name that we had”.He also said that natural gas would remain part of the energy transition and would be needed for at least a few decades.

Therefore, the new logo represents two components of the company’s identity : the green molecules evoke renewable energy while the blue emblem represents LNG. Moreover, the new identity matches the company’s aspirations to deliver cleaner energy to the world and reflect it’s role as an active global partner in energy transition.

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