AI improves our productivity

Have you observed a decrease in the amount of repetitious tasks in the office over time?

You can automate all of your accounts, add leads to a CRM with all data fields filled in, filter resumes to discover those that match the requirements, automate bank payments, display info that we could find useful, propose restaurants based on previous purchases, and so on.

For example, AI can analyse a sales call quicker than anyone else on the planet, yet a human would need nine years of constant sales call analytics to compete.

Because AI could apply intelligence to products and services, it improves the consumer experience and the amount of use the product can get.

Consider Apple iPhones when they had first introduced Siri to their updated versions, which is now included as standard.

It’s typical for businesses to propose things you might enjoy when you purchase from their website or via email, which increases the efficiency with which we shop and the speed with which we become customers.


Not because it makes us any more efficient, but would you say that it makes the business more efficient in terms of selling items and raising revenue?

Given things stand, I don’t believe AI will attempt to reduce our efficiency, since that is the very point of machine learning and also what AI wants to better through algorithms.

In cybersecurity, AI apps or malware will be designed and purposely installed in systems to demonstrate how inefficient they are and where weak areas are.

The outcome has been obvious it reveals to us, as humans, where the pressure spots are and where improvements are needed. In that way for us, it’s a win-win situation.

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