First US-Taliban meet since setting up of Taliban regime

QATAR: The United States-European Union delegation met the new Taliban regime of Afghanistan on Oct 12th in Qatar. The meeting was the first of its kind, as it’s the first time the extremists ruler of the Taliban came face to face with the US since setting up their regime and throwing the democratic system off the face of Afghanistan.

The meeting between the US officials and Taliban representatives mainly focussed on the Taliban’s need for international support and their desire to get some assistance to avoid a humanitarian disaster.

Talks focussed on security and terrorism concerns and safe passage for US citizens,other foreign nationals and our Afghan partners“, said State Department Spokesperson Ned Price.

The topic of discussions also included human rights and the participation of women and girls in all fields in the new Taliban regime. UN Chief Antonio Guterres, earlier, urged the world to donate to Afghanistan to escape from the economic crisis the country is now facing.

A separate meeting also took place in which the EU and the US officials met Taliban representatives. While both meetings talked at length about the terrorist, human rights and passage of people issues, the spokesperson made it clear that it did not mean in any way they supported the interim regime.

This is an informal exchange at technical level. It does not constitute recognition of the interim government“, said EU spokesperson Nabila Massrali. Taliban had earlier made promises about keeping the peace in the US-Taliban treaty, after which US troops withdrew.

But the way the Taliban overthrew the democratic government and took the control of Afghanistan within few days after US withdrawal says a lot.

Since the Taliban overtake, Afghanistan is on verge of an economic crisis due to price hiking, unemployment, no bilateral assistance. And Taliban is in desperate need of world support to survive the situation.

The US-Taliban talks were marked as “largely positive” and productive by US Spokesperson Price. This can be termed as Taliban first successful step for gaining international recognition.

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