PMO launches “Gati Shakti” Rs 100 lakh crore master plan at Pragati Maidan

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday 13th October prime minister Narendra Modi launches the “Gati Shakti” National Master Plan for multi-modal National connectivity which is cost Rs 100lakh crore in Pragati Maidan. It will aim to build infrastructure to reduce logistic costs and boost the economy.

PMO said “Gati Shakti joins different departments for the coordinated developments of projects from road to railway, aviation to agriculture”.

PMO revealed at a launch function that Gati Shakti targets to cut logistic costs, increase cargo handling capacity and reduce the turnaround time.

‘Gati Shakti’ master plan aims to increase power and speed to projects by connecting all concerned departments on one platform and infrastructure schemes of various ministries and state governments will be designed and executed with a common vision.

PMO Narendra Modi stated that high logistic cost in India at 13 per cent of GDP was impacting negatively competitiveness in exports, “Now Gati Shakti” is aimed at reducing logistic cost and turnaround time as well.

“Gati Shakti” will work as a booster to India as an investment destination, according to PMO Narendra Modi.

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