Future Apple AirPods may become potential health devices

Courtesy: Pexels

Apple is exploring new ways to add health benefits to its AirPods after launching its new feature “Conversation Boost” last week, which pinpoints human voice closest to it and amplifies it.

According to a report by Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Apple is planning on adding three major health benefits to its AirPods which include, monitoring body temperature, sensing body posture and improving hearing of the wearer, thereby turning them into potential health devices.

It isn’t clear if Apple is developing new hearing-aid features for AirPods or wants to market the earbuds comprising hearing-improvement features as hearing aids.

One of the significant feature is enhanced hearing, which would likely be an expansion of Conversation Boost. Another feature is taking wearer’s core body temperature from inside their ear, according to the documents reviewed by the Journal.

Lastly, Apple is looking into monitoring body posture and ergonomics. This feature would lean on the motion sensors in the earbuds and alert wearers of slouching and requirement to improve their posture.

The report also states that the proposed AirPods features aren’t expected by the next year, its timing could change, or it might never be rolled out to consumers as well.

New regulations are expected to be completed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) next year, which would permit the sale of a new class of cheaper hearing aids direct to consumers to treat mild to moderate hearing loss, states WSJ report.

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