The lifeline trees: “Protection of trees is the protection of life”

October 16 2021, Each living being on Earth has a life cycle and this is what we humans call “God’s Grace”. Whether it is a plant, animal or human, from a tiny microscopic bacteria to as large as a whale, all are born with their destinies and developing into a fully grown individual takes time. This differs from species to species. Likewise, a seed after being sown into the lap of the mother Earth takes time to develop into a full-grown tree and that tree is one of the reasons for the existence of life on this planet. When will they get their status? And this is the foremost question that we, as humans, need to answer and think about!  

Going in depth to find out the ways by which trees can be protected and talking about the benefits of trees which enable them to work as a ” lifeline of the Earth “is a must. Firstly, let’s talk of the advantages that trees provide for all of us. A seed, after having been grown into a fully mature tree, acts as one of the major reasons for the rains to fall. Take the case of a desert where the vegetation is scanty and there is scarce water…why??

The absence of trees gives the atmosphere excess heat since the short wave radiations coming to the earth are absorbed to some extent by it but the transmitted long wave radiations pass directly to the atmosphere. The result is that the temperature gets raised and if, at some moment, clouds pass by the deserts then, in that case, the chances are very low for rains. Now, take the case of tropical rain forests where there is very little chance that it won’t rain. Think of the reason for this!  It rains in these forests a day or the other. The presence of trees and nature provides a mechanism for here for the fall of rains. 

Trees also provide support to the environment by controlling soil erosion. The washing away of the topsoil due to water, wind or any other force is known as soil erosion. Due to this, the soil loses its fertility and becomes unsuitable for agriculture as well. The presence of tree cover, in the case of agriculture, as shelter belts against wind help in the protection of crops and soil. Also, the trees bind the soil particles together which helps in controlling soil erosion. They also help in taking care of various aspects of the atmosphere as well. 

Trees also serve as the homes of birds and insects. So, if one cares about humanity then he should care about the environment as a whole. Thousands and lakhs of trees are cut down just in the name of building roads, malls, restaurants, workshops etc. but did anyone care about what will happen to those living creatures whose homes have been cut down just for a petty cause. No! This is not right! We have to think about this! On Hearing some influential people and leaders of the nation saying that after cutting 1 lakh trees we will regrow the area with 10 lakh trees..that sounds like a big joke. As said before, it takes time to get into a state of maturity for every living being and for trees to develop it takes double the time for the same. The above situation arose in Mumbai’s Aarey in the state of Maharashtra, India where the government wanted to turn down the forests for metro workshops, people came to the rescue and a petition was filed in the high court. The matter was then taken to the supreme court which ordered not to fell more trees till the environment bench issues its sayings. 

The trees, above all, is called the lifeline of the Earth because of the ability to take in CO2 and release O2 a process known as Photosynthesis. They are the givers of oxygen which is very much essential for sustaining life. They make their food by this process and the fruits are born only because of this ability of trees and plants. These fruits serve as food for everyone and in this regard, it should not be wrong to call trees and plants the “nutrition providers” to all living beings. 

We have to make this earth habitable for everyone and the coming generations. As common citizens, we must try our best to protect these lifelines the way we can. The belief should be; “Protection of trees is the protection of life.”

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