You don’t become a champion so easily: Ganguly’s advice to India before the T20 World Cup

NEW DELHI: Sourav Ganguly, former India captain and current BCCI President, advised the Indian team ahead of the T20 World Cup to concentrate on the process and take each game one at a time. India will be trying to win their first T20 World Cup trophy since 2007. Virat Kohli will lead the team.

After Games24x7, a multi-game platform launched a new campaign for the forthcoming ICC T20 World Cup on its fantasy sports platform, My11Circle, Ganguly spoke to supporters and stressed that India should focus on winning every match, not only the trophy.

When asked what India needed to do to win the title, Ganguly stated, You dont become champions easily and you don’t become champions just by stepping into a competition, so they have to get through the process, they have to demonstrate maturity.

“At this level, they all have the skills and the ability to score runs and take wickets. To win the World Cup, they only need to be in top mental shape,” he added.

(The) championship is only won once the finals are completed. So, theres a lot of cricket to be played before that, and I believe India should concentrate on winning every game and then moving on from there, rather than thinking about the title from the outset,” he said.

They (India) will always be contenders in whatever competition they play in, and the challenge for them is to be at peace with themselves and focus on the process rather than the results because the most difficult thing to do, and the most incorrect thing to do, is to take guard and think Im here to win the World Cup.

What matters is that you play the next ball that comes out of your hand and keep doing it till you get to the finals, Ganguly concluded.

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