Coal supply is regulated but not halted in non-power sectors, says Coal India

NEW DELHI: Following allegations from numerous industries, Coal India Limited (CIL) reaffirmed on Sunday that dry fuel supply to the non-power sector has been restricted but not stopped entirely.

According to a top CIL official, the step intends to meet emergency demand for energy plants as the country faces a coal shortage.

Were controlling supply to match the sudden increase in coal demand from the power industry, but we havent stopped it from reaching non-power users. The official was quoted by news agency PTI as, Our daily deliveries to non-power industries exceed 2 lakh tonnes, compared to a regular supply of roughly 3 lakh tonnes.

Several industry manufacturers have claimed that the acute coal shortage has harmed their production. Non-power consumers of coal include the cement, aluminium, and iron, and steel industries.

Once the critical power plants stock levels reach seven days, the supply to non-power consumers will be regulated. The government is taking all necessary steps to guarantee that power generation remains unaffected while posing the least possible barrier to other industries, a CIL official was quoted by the news agency as saying.

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