Hundreds protest in Bangladesh over religious violence

NEW DELHI: Bangladeshi police said on Tuesday that 450 people had been arrested in the Muslim majority nation after attacks against Hindus in some of the worst such unrest for over a decade.

Hundreds of people have protested, calling for an end to religious violence that has gripped the country for four days. Atleast six people have died, local media reported, as police have fought to restrain angry mobs.

The violence began on October 15, when hundreds of Muslims protested in the south eastern Noakhali district over the viral social media image of the Quran at the knee of the Hindu deity while the 10-day Hindu festival of Durga Puja was on.

Several Hindu religious sites were attacked in recent days, which the country’s Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said were attacks aimed at destroying the communal harmony in Bangladesh.

“There is some confusion about whether they died due to the unlawful assembly, or otherwise,” Mr Islam said, adding that police are investigating the deaths. “They were miscreants, actually, that is all we can say.” Mr Islam declined to share further details in this regard.

“No incident has been reported since Saturday night. Our security forces are working patiently based on intelligence information,” Mr Khan said.

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