A cop, a boxer, a supermodel, and a biker: Meet Eksha Subba, the wonder woman who is now an inspiration to many

SIKKIM: We all have heard about a super woman and wonder lady in movies and in fact, each one of us knows at least one woman who is a wonder woman to us. That woman could be our mother, sisters, friends, girlfriend, and so on.

But, have you guys seen or met any such public figure who’s an inspiration to many or is taking up so many tasks altogether that requires polished skills and then ending up doing all of them perfectly?

If not, we introduce you to Eksha Hangma Subba, a multi-tasker from the state of Sikkim who is not only providing service in the defense army of our country but also living her dreams with open eyes.

Born to Mr. Aitaraj and Mrs. Sukrani, Eksha always aspired to walk on the ramp someday. Being the eldest sibling and the sole bread earner in the family, she went on to get a job at the early age of 19 while pursuing her graduation. Later, she joined Sikkim’s police force.

In a recent Instagram post, she revealed that it was her father who taught her to ride the bike and she looks upon her father as her “role model”. In interviews with different media channels, she said that it was her father who introduced her to boxing and then she went on to become a national-level boxer. She also added that the reason behind her never-ending “dare to dream” attitude is her father. He has always motivated her to achieve everything she dreamt of.

Fighting various stereotypes and chasing her dreams, she is continuously proving her potential. In the show “Supermodel of the year, season 2”, she has been always appreciated by all the judges for being a multi-tasker and excelling in every work she takes up. During one of the episodes, she disclosed how her very tough police training is helping her perform such difficult tasks with a bit of ease.

Popular names like Anand Mahindra have also tweeted about her and called her “Wonder Woman in the shade”.

Eksha Subba is now one of the three finalists of Supermodel of the year, season 2, and aiming to add another feather into her cap. She is truly an inspiration for millions of people not only from the North-Eastern part of India but the entire country. We wish her all the best for her upcoming finale round and her future endeavors.

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