Women Volleyball player beheaded by Taliban

KABUL: The extremist group always proves why the people of Afghanistan feared the takeover and turning of Afghanistan into the Taliban regime. Recently, one such new instance came up that proved, yet again, how dangerous and unsafe the Taliban is for Afghan people especially women and children.

In a statement given to Persian Independent an Afghan women’s volleyball national junior team coach confirmed that the Taliban allegedly killed a volleyball player. According to the coach, the young star player of the national volleyball team, Mahjabeen Hakimi was beheaded by the Taliban in Kabul.

Before the takeover of Afghan by the Taliban, Hakimi used to represent Kabul Municipality Club. Hakimi was already executed in early October when the Taliban found about her. However, the news of her beheading did not come out till the middle of October after pictures of Hakimi’s body and head came into the social media limelight.

Her parents, as reported by the coach, were asked to keep their mouths shut, otherwise, they would have met the same fate. Mahjabeen Hakami belonged to the Hazara ethnic group. The tribe is hated and tortured by the Taliban group. They are a minority in the Afghan religion and belong to Shiite groups, while the Taliban belong to the majority group of the Sunnis.

Hakami was a girl and a sportsperson in the Taliban regime not able to evacuate Afghanistan. The Taliban made it clear to the women to not participate in sports after the takeover.

Since then Taliban has been on the lookout for women who took part in sports and represented on international or domestic levels. Many of the sportswomen already took off when the Taliban took over. But a few like Hakami could not escape. And today, they live in fear of death and torture by the people who once told them that they would not banish women’s rights.

The participation of women in all sections in Afghanistan has ceased to be nonexistent. Though the Taliban, again and again, make proclamations that girls and women would be respected and given freedom for education and basic rights, the cases being reported shows a disturbing scenario.

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