Decoding PM Modi’s speech for the nation

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On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came live at 10 am and put forward his thoughts to the nation. Generally, whenever he arrives people believe that there must be a big surprise for the nation but this time he spoke of most importantly three points which we will be analyzing and decoding.

PM Modi’s speech started off with congratulating the nation for crossing the 1 billion vaccination mark on October 21, 2021, and this achievement was named by the PM as “Vaccine Century”. It is a world record since in a huge country like India it seems impossible to start off the process. One has to decide how will the process be implemented. There were also bottlenecks and they were successfully removed by the cooperation of the central and state governments. People were educated and encouraged to see the vaccination drive as a fight for the nation. The world raised huge questions of how India will fight against Covid-19? And how will it make vaccination arrangements for the purpose?

India reacted and finally put forward her answers in the form of “Indigenous vaccine development” and “Cowin registration system”. By the cooperative efforts of the central government, state governments, and citizens of the country, we are tackling Covid-19 with success.

Another important point of PM’s speech was that he urged everyone to buy and support Indian made goods and services. Since the Deepawali celebrations are at the doorstep and the festive season is on hence, supporting India in every aspect is a need of the present. This will serve many purposes. Firstly, it will help in making India self-reliant. Secondly, the start-ups and small businesses will get a level playing field in their respective markets and this will thus, help in building fair competition. Protection against foreign companies’ competition will be a huge plus point for the companies of the country. Employment opportunities will increase in this scenario as well.

Lastly, the third and the most important point, PM insisted that the importance of masks can not be put aside since the fight against Covid-19 is not over yet. To those who are not vaccinated till now, he insisted them to make masks an important part of their lives and for those who have been vaccinated already, he said to them to not stop using masks and educate others on their importance.

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