India seeks compensation for climate damages caused by developed nations

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NEW DELHI: India is looking around for reimbursement for the losses that were caused by disasters, the Environment, Forest and Climate Change Ministry said while balancing out the climate positions on critical issues that will be negotiated at the United Nations COP26 climate summit in the coming weeks.

On Friday Rameshwar Prasad Gupta, the ministry’s senior-most civil servant said that “Our ask is this there should be a compensation for expenses incurred and it should be borne by developed nations.” He has also said that India stands with other low income and developing countries on this matter.

Across the globe, the leaders and diplomats are set to gather in Glasgow, Scotland for the annual COP summit, which gives a glimpse of make or break meeting to stave off the worsening effects of climate change. Reimbursement for the climate disasters was expected to be a major sticking point at the talks, and the subject is something that India has already raised with US climate envoy John Kerry as reported by Gupta. Many rich countries have built on the majority of greenhouse gases that was causing the planet to give warm above the pre-industrial levels.

The 2015 Paris climate concession have included language to address the loss and damage but it has left many questions about the liability and redress unanswered. They have begun the conference as early as 2013 at a previous summit in Warsaw, but the technical details of how such money transfers have occurred still haven’t been thrashed out.

The broad idea is based on the historical contributions to global greenhouse gases and the countries will provide compensation for the damages that the pollution will one day cause. The countries that have suffered due to climate impact can then lay claim to money for repairs after a climate-fueled cyclone or flood.

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