Petrol, diesel prices hiked again today, fifth hike in a row

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NEW DELHI: Petrol and diesel were hiked for the fifth consecutive day across the nation on Sunday. The latest increase has pushed fuel prices across the nation to their new high. 

The latest increase that follows the unrelenting hike in international oil prices has pushed pump rates across the country to their highest ever levels. While petrol is above Rs 100-a-litre-mark in all major cities, diesel has crossed that level in more than a dozen states.

Fuel continues to pinch this festive season with the hike of ₹0.35, the price of petrol increased to ₹107.59 per litre in the national capital while the price of diesel went up to ₹96.32 per litre with an increase of 35 paisa.

In Mumbai, the prices of petrol and diesel for each litre stood at ₹113.46 and ₹104.38, respectively. 

In Kolkata, petrol costs ₹108.11 while a litre of diesel fetches ₹99.43. Meanwhile, in Chennai, the price of petrol is now ₹104.52 and that of diesel is ₹100.59. 

In Bengaluru, petrol is available at ₹111.34 per litre and diesel at ₹102.23 and in Hyderabad, petrol is available at ₹111.91 per litre and diesel costs ₹105.08. 

Prices differ from state to state, depending on the incidence of local taxes.

Oil minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Friday equated demand for cutting excise duty to ‘axing one’s own feet’, saying such levies funded government schemes to provide free Covid-19 vaccines, meals and cooking gas to millions amid the pandemic.

“I think this simplistic political narrative we get in India, ‘prices have gone up, why don’t you reduce your taxes’…. so every time prices go up due to something else, it says you axe your own feet in the process,” he said on Friday. 

The rising fuel prices in the country are not going to come down immediately. The central government is in talks with several oil-exporting countries on the issue of supply and demand of oils but there is no possibility of immediate relief in prices.

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