India to lift quarantine requirement for international traveller’s from today

Representational Image

NEW DELHI: From today fully vaccinated international travellers to India shall be allowed to leave the airport and they do not have to undergo home quarantine, according to the revised guidelines that were shared recently by the Government of India. They have decided for the traveller who is coming from countries that India has mutual arrangements for common acceptance of World Health Organisation (WHO) have approved Covid-19 vaccines.

RT-PCR have a negative report that is mandatory for all international passengers who are arriving in India. Besides this, all the airlines will also check the Covid test report before onboarding the foreign travellers.  The government in an affidavit said that “In view of increasing vaccination coverage across the globe and the changing nature of the pandemic, the existing guidelines for the international arrivals in India have been reviewed.”

The guidelines will be followed by the passengers who are coming to India from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Nepal, Belarus, Lebanon, Armenia, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary and Serbia. Some extra measures will be followed for the passengers who are arriving to India from different countries at their risk, which include the South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand and Zimbabwe.

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