Speculations of China taking over Taiwan by 2025, the world must hear the island nation’s plea before another Hong Kong repeats

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China’s obsession with the island nation has led to speculations of China taking over Taiwan by 2025. China constantly breaks Taiwan’s airspace boundaries, and it recently flew 100 fighter jets into Taiwan’s zone. Taiwan’s President Tsai-Ing-Wen has vowed to defend Taiwan’s integrity and sovereignty against China.

Taiwan, an island on the east coast of China was earlier known as Formosa. It shares history with China since the island became a part of China after the retreat of Chinese Republicans of the Kuomintang government after 1949. The formation of Taiwan was rather complicated.

Taiwan remains an unrecognised nation with a self-rule system. The island nation depends on the US for its military supplies, and as per reports, the US military was also seen training the Taiwanese army.

Taiwan has bilateral relations with 13 nations. The US, which backs Taiwan for its independence, supports the island nation. Top US diplomats visited Taipei to maintain ties along with military exercises in the Taiwan Strait. 

In 1954-55, China instigated the US by bombing Mazu, Dachen Islands, and Jinmen under Taiwan’s control. The US passed the Formosa Resolution to defend Taiwan. Unfortunately, the Lebanon war sidelined the matter. The US is focused on supporting Taiwan, but the question is to what extent?

The Biden administration has been vocal about Taiwan’s rights and has said that the US would protect Taiwan. But China has warned the world not to interfere since they believe it is their internal matter. It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Taiwan has already rebuked the one-China, two systems solution after the breaking of Hong Kong security law. The world has seen China’s act as an intervention, and experts believe Taiwan might face the same consequences.

The South China Sea is already a focal point for China due to the island it claims and has a territorial dispute with Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

India needs to reconsider its stand over the one-China policy since the clash at the Galwan Valley has changed everything. India and Taiwan maintains trade and cultural relations with that both nations have cultural offices at each other’s capital as well.

India and Taipei have planned a deal to manufacture semiconductors from Taiwan to the country. It will not only boost the 5g service but electric cars as well. It is a matter of time before China takes unilateral action either by trade or the military against Taiwan. The world must hear the island nation’s plea before another Hong Kong repeats.

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