Vetrimaran receives National Award for Best Tamil Feature Film – Asuran

NEW DELHI: The 2019 release ‘Asuran’ which is set on the backdrop of the oppressed enlightenment directed by Vetrimaran and starred by Dhanush and Manju Warrier bags two national awards for the Best Feature Film – Tamil and Best Actor for Dhanush on the 67th National Film Awards, New Delhi.

Vetri – Dhanush Combo :

This combo has worked for four films like ‘Polladhavan’, ‘Aadukalam’, ‘Vada Chennai’, ‘Asuran‘. Each film receives its credit for uniqueness. They portray the particular dialects and cultures of Madurai, North Chennai, and Tirunelveli.

Asuran’s protagonist, Sivasami, is a caring father who is aware of the caste-ridden society. He advises his son Chidambaram to be watchful and educated to overcome this. He condemns taking revenge for the past. The film is the adaptation of a Sahitya Akademi winning novel ‘Vekkai’ (Heat) written by Poomani.

It is set in the background of the Kovilpatti, Tirunelveli region. The film gives a message of fraternity and peace upholding social justice. Although the flashback of Sivasami is filled with bloodshed.The universal truth that ‘Time heals the Pain’ is stressed at the climax.

Vetri is a student of classic filmmaker & cinematographer, Balu Mahendra, who is a student of Satyajit Ray in Film and Television Institute of India (FTTI), Pune. His ‘Visaranai’ was an official entry for Oscars from India. Being a litterateur, his movies depict the finest of sensibilities and represents Tamil culture through various social aspects.

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