Need to preserve cultural heritage: V.P.

The honorable Vice-President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, while speaking at a felicitation ceremony at the Raj Bhawan complex in Goa explicitly stated about the need to preserve the rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity. Besides, preserving he also emphasized the need to propagate the same.

He interacted with Marathi and Konakani writers, film makers, folk artists and educationist at the Raj Bhawan Complex today and underscored the imperative and need for the creative expression of our thoughts and ideas in our respective languages. Mr. Vice President also urged for the use of local language in the administrative domain of state, citing technological advancements in the field of translation.

He also lauded the passion of Goans for different art forms and mentioned about the vibrancy one can feel in the environment of the ‘tourists-paradise’.

The views of honorable V.P. becomes vital when seen in the context of rapidly eroding cultural heritage under the influence neo-imperialism. It is the need of an hour to revive our cultural heritage and linguistic diversity in order to counter western influence and keep our historical glory intact by not letting it being shadowed by the euro-centric global culture.

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