Caution: Delhi is injurious to health

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Smoking is injurious to health is as old as nursery rhyme. Now time has come to add a new warning to a series of precautions which one needs to take. This new precaution is a safety measure against the unprecedented rise in Delhi’s air pollution in the last few years. The trend is no different this year.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) of our smart city Delhi has dipped to ‘very poor’ category with explicit signs of degradation without respite. To my mind our smart city is no more smart. If smartness and modernity comes at the cost of lives of innumerable citizens, then such smartness is not acceptable.

The timings are crucial as India is going to argue its resistance to ‘net-zero’ emissions abroad at Glasgow and at home air pollution is busy in breaking all set records and reaching new heights and making Delhi injurious to health.

The Delhites are puzzled and stupefied with the rapidly deteriorating air quality. People are unable to digest the pre-Diwali air quality. Their anger and frustration is visible all throughout the social media over the silence of authorities which have put our ‘Right to Life’ endangered.

A neitzen wrote “@ArvindKejriwal has done nothing for pollution control in Delhi but always blame others if pollution is not due to crackers then it is due to burning of prali.” People are venting out their anger on the authorities which remain sited in their ivory towers.

It is not the fire crackers and stubble burning alone which have deteriorated the air quality. It is the outcome of years of structural defects and shortcomings, negligence on part of authorities and the most important is our failure as society to understand the seriousness of the issue. I would reiterate the same thing which I mentioned in my previous article (“I can’t to we won’t breathe, blame is to be shared – The Aware National” that blame is to be shared.

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