How schools are re-opening and colleges to remain shut in Delhi University?

The Government of NCT of Delhi had made an announcement few days ago for reopening of schools for all classes. The schools are all set to open from November 1, 2021. The government had stated that classes would continue in ‘hybrid mode’.

There is air of excitement and panic among students and parents going on simultaneously. Excitement of visiting school premises after 18 months, and panic and hesitation because children are not vaccinated yet.

Overall this is an optimistic step on part of government as pandemic had inevitable disastrous consequences on the domain of education. The consequences and the impact might not be explicit now, but in long term they would be.

However, the scenario which is thought provoking is that colleges of University of Delhi are shut (baring practical classes) while schools which were opened for senior classes few months back and are now set to open in entirety. This situation clearly exposes the questionable standards on part of authorities involved in not letting colleges reopen.

The college going students who are above the age of 18 years and are eligible for vaccination and are mostly vaccinated are devoid of campus life, pandemic being the most cited reason. Whilst the school students for whom even the vaccine is even not approved (as they are mostly under 18) are allowed to come back to schools despite their fear of being contaminated. The motto and intentions behind such actions are worth consideration.

Besides, college going students are more responsible and have independent discretion over their lives, whereas school students are still under process of development and learning. Given this scenario, it is expected that college students will be given the priority if educational institutions are to open. But, in Delhi the situation is opposite.

This situation exposes the duality of authorities and no explanation is able to argue the case in favour of authorities. After much pressure and criticism the varsity had agreed to look upon the issue and ‘will consider’ opening the campus post-Diwali. AISA (All India Students Association) is undergoing a hunger strike, yet no assurance from the university is questionable of their accountability.

Hence, the only way out for the students of University of Delhi remains to bear the online classes as colleges are yet to reopen.

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