Neeraj Chopra gets lauded by CSK, with Rs. 1 crore

NEW DELHI: Chennai Super Kings provides Neeraj Chopra Rs. 1 crore as an appreciation for his great feat at the Tokyo Games, this Sunday.

The competitive team which has won four Indian Premier League trophies, has rewarded the Olympic gold medal winner, Neeraj Chopra with a price amount of Rs. 1 crore for his remarkable achievement at the Olympics.

He was also presented with a specially printed jersey, which had Neeraj Chopra’s Olympic record (87.58m) on it.

“The entire nation is so proud of Neeraj for his stupendous achievement by becoming the first Indian to win a medal (gold) in track and field, he has set a benchmark”, CSK CEO K S Viswanathan said.

Neeraj said that he has got opportunities to experience new things in the past two months and also thanked CSK for the encouragement.

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