Are climate summits a mirage? Difference between words and deeds

Leaders of more than hundred countries recently met at Glasgow, Scotland for the scheduled 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties a.k.a COP26. The conference was aimed ‘to work together to enable and encourage countries affected by climate change to: protect and restore ecosystems. build defences, warning systems and resilient infrastructure and agriculture to avoid loss of homes, livelihoods and even lives.’

This conference or summit (or whatever you may call) is not the first to happen and won’t be the last. Will it make a difference? Did the previous summit per se COP25 made any difference? Except for nitty-gritties is the agenda for meeting different? Is nations making towering claims and reiterating same with terminological modifications new?

The answers to these questions would vary. Some would be justifying the significance of the conference, whilst some would scrutinize it critically. However, apart from all the deliberations and debates scheduled for the upcoming days to assess the outcomes of the conference, the thing which remains constant is ‘climate change’ i.e a phenomena which begun in past, is a tough reality of present and is the obvious future, unless dealt with strong commitments.

This piece of writing does not aims at analyzing the outcomes and significance of climate change conferences and COP26 in general and particular respectively. It is aimed at underscoring the illusion created on the name of conference. It seeks to present the difference between the actions of those participating and their progressive claims i.e to highlight difference between ‘kathni and karni’.

As per reports 400 private jets landed at Glasgow with representatives and officials from the globe to discuss ‘climate change’ and making commitments for ‘net-zero’ emissions.

The irony is the tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted by these jets calculated to be 13000 tonnes. The conference for making climate friendly efforts is unfriendly to climate.

Besides, adding to the narrative each and every activity involved from using paper to make posters and banners for the conference to the sophisticated lighting facilities, each and every thing contributes towards and incremental rise in carbon-footprints.

Moreover, starting from Rio Summit 1992 till date, innumerable summits, conferences meetings, diplomatic interactions have happened. Yet, the climate change with a positive rate has remained the reality. We are not denying the efforts at mitigation this catastrophe. But, to our mind there is a difference between words and deeds which makes these unfriendly climate conferences questionable.

In our opinion, things cannot be undone but can be compensated with strong commitments and convictions to make earth sustainable and a better place to live. It is hoped that ‘COP27‘ would address this issues.

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