Bharat Bio-Tech’s Covaxin approved by Australia

AUSTRALIA: On Monday, Australia became the first major economy, to grant approval to both the India Manufactured vaccines- Covishield and Covaxin.

The announcement came after, PM Modi’s speech at the G20 Summit regarding the delay in recognition of Covaxin by the WHO. PM Modi highlighted how the recognition by the WHO would help Indian manufacturers to export vaccines across the world.

Therapeutic Goods Administration of the Department of Health, Australia announced that “person with two doses of Covaxin would be considered fully vaccinated” and will be free to travel Australia.

In recent weeks, the TGA has obtained additional information demonstrating these vaccines provide protection and potentially reduce the likelihood that an incoming traveller would transmit COVID-19 infection to other while in Australia or become acutely unwell due to COVID-19,” declared the announcements for travellers above the age group of 12.

It is being speculated that soon Australia will be opening it’s door for foreign travellers again. Announcement further included that “person with atleast two doses of TGA approved vaccine, within a minimum gap of 14 days between the two doses would be considered fully vaccinated after 7 days of second dose.”

China’s BBIBP-CorV, manufactured by Sinopharm, also received the approval by the TGA.

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