“Carbon net-zero target 2070”, PM Modi at COP26 summit

GLASGOW: On Tuesday, PM Modi announced in his speech at COP 26 summit that India will reduce carbon emission to net zero by 2070.

Last week, India rejected to announce net zero carbon emission target, and voiced for the world to come up with credible ways to curb emissions. India is the third largest carbon emitter after China and USA.

India’s net zero target is, 20 years beyond UN’s global recommendation, which has caused restlessness among global leaders. In his speech, Modi highlighted that India holds 17% of world Population, but accounts for only 5% of total carbon emission.

India also pledged to increase its share in renewable energy from 38% to 50% by 2030. This move was much praised by the summit.

Modi also advocated the importance of sustainable living in his speech.

“Instead of mindless and destructive consumption we need mindful and deliberate utilisation”

“…..These choices, made by billions of people, can take the fight against climate change one step further”

PM Modi in his speech at COP26 summit, Glasgow.

Scientists say that to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change, the world needs to halve global emissions by 2030, and reach net-zero by 2050. Developed countries like USA, UK and The European Union have pledged to do so. Saudi Arabia and China have pledged 2060 to be the year of net-zero for their nation.

Day two of COP 26 climate conference also marked for US-led “The Global Methane Pledge” of slashing methane emission and stop deforestation by the end of 2030. Dozens of countries joined the methane control pledge and 100 countries have joined up on putting a stop on deforestation.

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