Greater flexibility, reason behind the ‘great resignation’

The world is recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic as has been the case with every such historical event the event of the pandemic has brought changes in the minds of people. As per the Microsoft survey, 41 per cent of the employees want to quit their jobs in 2021. The reason being better work-life balance or freedom in their jobs for which they do not require to compromise with the flexibility to work, it has been termed as the ‘great resignation’.

It was the pandemic that made people realise life is valuable it should not be wasted in doing something that is not worth it. With that it also made them realise life is unpredictable. Considering that people are moving towards what their heart says, towards their passion, and something that is worth doing and suits them well.

The job they might be doing may have been a high paying job, however, with low levels of work-life balance. It could be the case that the job model was not a hybrid that allows employees to work both from home and from the office. The time they require to spend with their loved ones were not available doing that particular job.

The above-mentioned factors are making people move towards freelancing that provides greater flexibility than a full-time job which allows for a work-life balance though might not be that high paying as the case with a ‘nine to six’ job. Some, on the other hand, have started up with an enterprise, for instance, India added 1,600 startups in the year 2020.

For employers it has to be visited; Is their job model hybrid? Are they providing flexibility to their employees? Are they valuing their employees? Are their employment policies employees friendly? Employers who would not consider these questions essentially might not be able to hold on with their good employees which would surely be disastrous in long term with their company’s future.

For the employees it is to be considered; Would she/ he would be in the condition after resigning from the job to fulfil livelihood needs? Is their decision an impulsive one or a thoughtful one? And also are they mentally prepared to perform what they are considering to do for the rest of their life?

In all the change is real towards greater flexibility and hybrid work models which are being preferred by the employees, that leaves employers reasoning their employment policies and work models.

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