Jai Bhim, a ray of hope: Review

CHENNAI: Surya starrer ‘Jai Bhim’ released exclusively on Amazon, OTT platform today. The movie depicts the historical habeas corpus case in the Madras High Court.

The protagonist – Advocate Chandru, a Human Rights Activist in Madras High Court, fights cases for the accusation of innocent tribals. He receives a disturbing case from Sengani ( a tribal woman), wife of Raasa Kannu, that his husband went missing from the police station after being brutally tortured in the custody for a false accusation of theft.

The film is based on real-life incidents that happened in 1995. Chandru, former Justice of Madras HC was portrayed by Suriya. He was then an advocate fighting the injustice of the voiceless. Police, in search of Veerappan in the later 90s, harassed and tortured the innocent Scheduled Tribes in Northern Tamil Nadu accusing them of helping the outlaw.

An excerpt of a particular case handled by Justice Chandru is adapted as the film. The film gives a disturbing fact, that the tribal population were the victim of false cases throughout the country. They have no basic amenities. Yet, they live happily unless they are encountered by the mainstream population.

The bureaucratic machinery of the state which leads to power, caste, religion finally surrenders to justice. The endless fight of Advocate Chandru finally leads to a victory of the landmark Habeas Corpus case.

Surya gives an outstanding performance. Director Gnanavel keeps us engaging throughout the movie. The technical aspects were sound. The retro Madras in ’95 was a treat to watch. The background score and songs by Sean Roldan does the needful for the flick.

The depiction of torture, brutality, harassment and teasing of the police department makes the audience heavy-hearted. Finally, the truth & justice has prevailed as a ray of hope amidst the darker clouds.

Later Justice Chandru, became an iconoclast having a high disposal rate of 96,000 cases in just 6 years. Rejecting the address of ‘My Lord’ by advocates, he became the first judge in the country to publicly disclose his assets.

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