Fuel prices hike; An unresolved issue

Just like food, fuel remains an essential requirement for people living in the country, daily wage workers who depend on vehicles for work has not able to meet their fuel requirements. Although people around the country are forming protests, it never altered the government decisions, fuel prices get higher every other day.

Why is the hike in fuel prices in India remains an unresolved issue? In the state of Tamil Nadu, on 13 August 2021, has reduced petrol prices by Rs 3 per litre, which was said to have cost the state exchequer Rs 1,160 crore a year. This move was largely appreciated by people around the country because it remains an utmost concern for the citizens.

As per government reports, the Central Vista Redevelopment Project is estimated to cost Rs 20,000 crores, out of which Rs. 862 crores will be used for the construction of a new Parliament building. Although the project plan was conceived in September, months before the Covid19 outbreak, said the government, there was no major move from the government to not form the project. The project stood as criticism from all major opposition parties, when people’s common interest for minimum requirements like reduction in fuel prices, but the central government remains with their discretion.

A reply received through RTI Act stated that Kerala led Pinarayi Government has spent Rs 5.03 crore for advocates around the country to defend the government, 13 lawyers were hired for around 20 cases, in addition to their fees other expenses like Rs 8.6 lakh was spent on hotel bills. It’s quite clear these expenses did meet the political interest’s of the government, rather than meeting the requirements of its people.

Why are the governments in both centre and state blaming each other on the fuel expenses, when both the governments are equally entertaining the expenses on political interests?

Various kinds of protests included riding a bike with three persons in Assam, a trip on a cycle from Kerala to Parliament by C Vishnu and other normal protests by parties ruling centre and the states against each other. If the voices of people around the country does not matter to the government, a hike in fuel would remain an unresolved issue.

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