GGI-OSOWOG initiative launched by PM Modi with Boris Jhonson

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his British counterpart Boris Jhonson launched the ‘Green Grids Initiative – One Sun, One World, One Grid’ (GGI-OSOWOG) project at COP26 at Glasgow, Scotland.

The official statement of the project starts with the comments that “the untapped potential of the sun is well known – all the energy humanity uses in a year is equal to the energy that reaches the earth from the sun in a single hour. The sun never sets – every hour, half the planet is bathed in sunshine. By trading energy from sun, wind and water across borders, we can deliver more than enough clean energy to meet the needs of everyone on earth.”

“We need new transmission lines crossing frontiers and connecting different time zones, creating a global ecosystem of interconnected renewables that are shared for mutual benefit and global sustainability” says the official release.

India, France, Australia, USA and UK are the members of the steering committee for the project. Besides, these five members many other countries have also endorsed the initiative.

PM Modi said, “I am hopeful that a common & strong global grid can be developed through cooperation between ‘One Sun, One World & One Grid’ and ‘Green Grid’ initiatives.” He also said that Indian Space Research Organization is going to provide solar calculator application to the world which would identify the areas with potential of tapping solar energy effectively and efficiently.

PM said, “One Sun, One World & One Grid will not only reduce storage needs but also enhance the viability of solar projects. This creative initiative will not only reduce carbon footprints and energy cost but also open a new avenue for cooperation between different countries and regions.”

COP26 is setting ambitious targets for reversing climate change and making earth a better place to live.

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