Sadhguru says, not to restrict children from bursting crackers

NEW DELHI: Ahead of Diwali, some states in the country have banned the bursting of firecrackers. However, on Monday, the apex court says there cannot be a blanket ban anyway.

Following these, Sadhguru, the spiritual leader, says on his social media account that, Concern about air pollution is not a reason to prevent kids from experiencing the joy of firecrackers. As your sacrifice for them, walk to your office for 3 days. Let them have the fun of bursting crackers.

“I have not lit a cracker in quite a few years. But when I was a child, how much it meant from the month of September, we’ll be dreaming of crackers and after Diwali is over, the next one-two months, we will save the crackers and keep on doing them every day” he added.

Actress Kangna Ranaut supports his statement and says Diwali activists to walk to their offices.

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