Narikuravars of Mamallapuram to celebrate Diwali with CM

CHENNAI: Narikuravar, a tribal community belonging to the Pooncherri village near the Mamallapuram seashore temple in Chennai, to celebrate Diwali with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M K Stalin.

Ashwini, a 21-year-old tribal woman, who shared her grievances and the discriminations their community faces, which was aired and went viral, came to the recognition of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Minister P K Sekar Babu, met and had annadhanam with them last Friday in the shore temple.

They were to be provided with basic amenities like Ration cards,  house pattas, community certificates, welfare board membership cards and financial aids by the government.

“We are all eager to see the CM. We were surprised when we came to know about the Diwali bounties from CM Stalin. We struggled for basic amenities like ration cards all these years. Now, Aiya will come here to provide us with these facilities” said Keerthika,  Ashwini’s younger sister.

“Five street lights have been inducted and there’s no darkness anymore. There’s no more fear about living here,” said Keerthika. “The minister carried out the promise he made to my sister within four days,” she added.

Ashwini’s father Sekar said that he’s so proud of his daughter for bringing the community to light and said that he never imagined that their community would be recognized and be provided with these basic facilities, in his entire life.

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