Pubs in IT parks under consideration: CM

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The government have taken into consideration the need of setting up pubs and vine parlours in IT parks. The lack of pubs in IT parks is a major disadvantage to the state, Said the Kerala Cheif Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on the state assembly.

Although the state had earlier considered it, the covid19 restriction during the period held the decision. People working in the IT sector would opt for regions having those facilities, and such facilities in the state remain unavailabe. Often pepole coming to set the companies finds facilities like pubs lack in the region, added the CM.

In a TV show, ‘Naam Munnottu’, in November 2019, discussed the CM on the lack of pub facilities in the state affecting the growth of the IT sector.

The move was widely appreciated by IT employees, Robin Alex Panicker, chief product officer of Finotes Inc, Bengaluru, has noted it as a welcoming move. He also said, “It’s time we changed our skewed understanding of liquor consumption. It’s no more about ‘anamayaki’ type drinking.”

The Leader of the opposition in the state assembly, VD Satheesan said to the reporters, he will make his stand clear on the matter after discussions within his party.

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