PM Modi wishes on the occasion of  Gujarati New Year

NEW DELHI: PM Modi extended his greetings on Gujarati New year to his fellow Gujaratis. He tweeted:

“Happy New Year to all Gujaratis… !! The new year starting from today will bring happiness and prosperity in your life, keep you healthy and lead you to a new step of progress.” 

Gujarati New Year, also known as Bestu Varas, marks the beginning of the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar.

On this day people visit the temple to offer puja to deities. Dressed up in festival finery, people meet their relatives and friends to wish them a new year.

The day is of special significance for traders and businessmen as it is marked the beginning of the financial year for them and hence, new ledgers are opened on this auspicious day. The enterprising people, mostly engaged in business, herald their Bestu Varas with celebrations, feast, and revelry.

Gujarati New Year also coincides with Govardhan Puja celebrations in North India, which take place on the next day of Diwali every year.

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