Elon wants collaboration with Indian Telecom companies

NEW DELHI: Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Internet Service wants to collaborate with the Indian Telecom Companies to provide internet services in India with a focus on rural communities according to Sanjay Bhargava, Starlink Country Director of India. 

Recently, SpaceX got a 100% owned subsidiary in India as Starlink Satellite Communications Private Limited. They have applied for the government license and want to start operating in the remote areas of India.

“At Starlink, we can roll out fast if we have licensing approval…and the Starlink could move to other remote areas” as said by Bhargava.

The company in collaboration with the Niti Aayog will identify districts and the interest levels of various others including the USOF (universal service obligation fund).

”I am hoping that we will get a time-bound 100 per cent broadband plan that can serve as a model for other districts but the devil is in the details and there may be many good reasons why one or more broadband providers do not want to collaborate, though to me that seems unlikely,” said Bhargava.

Starlink is ready to work with other broadband providers and wants to provide a 100% broadband plan to serve the underserved communities.

He adds, “At Starlink, we want to serve the underserved. We hope to work with fellow broadband providers, solution providers in the aspirational districts to improve and save lives”  

Starlink claims to have received over 5,000 pre-orders from India. The company is charging a deposit of $99 or Rs 7,350 per customer and claims to deliver data speeds in the range of 50-150 megabits per second in the beta stage.

The company will initially focus on ten rural Lok Sabha constituencies for 80% of the Starlink terminals which will be shipped to India. The number of preorders from rural constituencies will be a determining factor to select focus constituencies according to the company.

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