Fans exchange memes in anticipation of the match between Afghanistan and New Zealand

NEW DELHI: 1.3 billion Indians are looking forward to the match between Afghanistan and New Zealand.

Team India crushed Scotland by 8 wickets with 81 balls to spare on Friday, keeping their hopes alive of making it to the knockout stages of the ICC T20 World Cup, despite the fact that their chances are still slim.

The 1.3 billion Indians are now looking forward to the match between Afghanistan and New Zealand. With the team’s superior Net Run Rate in Group II, Indian cricket supporters’ dreams are still alive. But, after losing its first two matches to Pakistan and New Zealand, how will India qualify for the semifinals?

You would find out the outcome of an impending intriguing match between Afghanistan and New Zealand on Sunday, in which a win by the Black Caps might make India’s match against Namibia a formality. However, things will become genuinely exciting for India if Afghanistan wins a match and leaves the Kiwis on six points.

Before the match between Afghanistan and New Zealand, Twitter is swamped with memes.

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